I am Connie, mother of five and grandmother of six.  It seems much of life has been shared…  Around the Family Table.

My earliest memories of family life were around the kitchen table… 
my childhood home, my grandmother’s and now my own.  
Our family table today is a harvest table that my husband Pete and I bought soon after we were married 44 years ago. There seems to be a theme that connects these three tables… there is always room for one more.

Our table has always been more than a table for having meals. Much life has been experienced around our family table … from creating wedding bouquets, babies being fed, school work completed, funeral discussions, marriage counseling, board games played, sheets spread over the table to make a tent, family meetings and even kids carving their names into the table top … all  Around the Family Table.

So come join me and maybe our stories can bring you encouragement, laughter and fresh hope.

I would like to hear your comments. Share below!


17 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I like it.. it is warm, inviting, and gives one a sense of a safe place to rest a while. So many of us need a place to sit and rest for a moment at least… Great Job.. colors are good, I love the table theme, and the neat thing is… in 22 years of being a son-in-law, I have experienced many of those very things mentioned, around the family table!

  2. Connie! So wonderful to see you are entering the blog world! It can be so therapeutic. Mom talks about how creative you are in your writing, I am glad you are sharing with us! Love you and miss you.

  3. Brenda Powell

    Connie…I couldn’t be more excited to read your blog!! I am moved by the picture of your family table and the seasons of life we have shared there. This is beautiful and inspiring…I will be looking forward to each of your posts. Love this dear friend…

  4. Carolyn Bolinger

    You are still beautiful Connie! Your love for God and others shows clearly through your first blog! I wish you many happy writings in your journey ahead!

  5. Kristen

    Dear Connie-

    WOW- I looked at that table (w/a few tears welling up) and I have MANY memories at that table. Watching you and my Mom drink tea, me and Chels eating after school snacks, talking about dreams and hopes, doing homework (which our pencil marks left indention’s), and MANY wonderful meals. I feel like that was MY familys table too:)

    When I look back I am sad I no longer have those “Post” house days, but I’m grateful and BLESSED to ALWAYS have those memories. Memories which gave me foundation, love and ALWAYS laughter. It’s funny how a “table” can be a foundation of love and hope.

    Love always,

  6. Penni Rogers

    Connie- My favorite memories of living in Missouri were the times spent at your table and being accepted as part of your family. You and Pete are truly such loving, kind people. Thank you for this blog. You have brightened my day.

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