A Legacy

Grandmothers enrich our lives because they remind us that joys are to be cherished and travails are not so bad after all..

Quote by Nancy Lindenmeyer..

Our grandmothers name was Clara Catherine. I like the sound of that name and to say it brings comfort.  Grandmama,  as we grandkids called her was strong in spirit, yet gentle with a good sense of humor. Her family table loaded with fruits from her labors as a farm wife.

Her life was not without trials, losing her mother as a baby, rejection from her stepmother and marrying at seventeen. she had seven children, losing two in their adult years to untimely deaths.  Managing a good-sized farm and caring for a beloved disabled aunt who lived with them, as well as caring for her aging husband in latter years.  But, oh the legacy of memories, she left her fingerprints all over us.

“For memories are made in moments and blessings transferred in brief seconds.” (author unknown)  One of my earliest memories, she taught me how to braid hair.  Her silver hair usually caught back in a bun setting at the nape of her neck, fell midway down her back and  she could easily braid her own hair without a mirror. Patiently she would guide my hands showing me how it was done. 

Another memory was a book she kept in a hall linen closet near her bedroom. The “Bible Reading Glass” by John Barber. I was fascinated by this old fragile book and it was a special occasion when I could read it…today it sets on my bookshelf.

Sugar cookies with a raisin in the middle and Dr. Pepper in the refrigerator were  always available. Her sugar cookies won a blue ribbon at the Missouri State Fair.  Little thimble cookies [ sugar cookies cut out with a thimble] was a treat she once brought me on a visit to our home.

In her latter years living with her daughter, she loved the fact when she woke up in the morning, she could stretch and lift her legs over her head, touching the headboard…telling us she had walked a mile in the meadow and did this most days.

A strong Godly woman who spent many New Year  Eves  fasting and praying all night for her family and the year coming. 

One last memory sticks to my mind like glue….At her funeral the Pastors last words were…

“My main question to all of you is this, Who will take her place? Who will serve so faithfully? Who will give so much?”

Until next time,  Bless you All!!


8 thoughts on “A Legacy

  1. Wow… incredible writing, and what a legacy she has left indeed… her prayers for the generations have not gone unanswered… God is at work in lives of her descendants for sure! I am honored to be one through marriage! Peace!

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