Tell Me the Story of It…

These are the words  I hear so often from my three year old grandson Cash. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, the weather, a car passing by or a squirrel in the nearby tree…he wants to know the story of it and is persistent.

No story lives until it is told and heard..stories are the stuff of life, that inspire, teach and tell who we are. Every life is a story waiting to be told. Sometimes our stories have taken paths we’re not eager to tell, but nevertheless it is our story and can have a good ending.

“If you want to get to know someone, you need to hear their story.” “Story is the language of the heart.”  [quote by John Eldredge

I’ve been reading the parables lately and realize anew how Jesus used stories and parables to those around Him. I counted over thirty and realized every follower tells these stories and parables over and over for generations.

There is a story that we can’t seem to escape..A story written on the human heart…As Ecclesiastes 3:11 has it..

He has planted eternity in the human heart….  

[Cash and grandpa in the picture, telling the story of it]


One thought on “Tell Me the Story of It…

  1. I LOVE THIS post, grandma! THANK YOU for always telling me stories for 31 years now. Your life is a beautiful story and I hope to tell it to as many generations as I possibly can! and thank you for telling me Bible stories. His truth truly will reign for eternity in our hearts, in our families lives. Amen! I love you…

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