Bare feet on the new spring grass.
Mingled with the daffodils; Laughing voices, fresh and young
Echo on the sunlit hills.
by Keri Collins

Daffodils are one of my favorite spring flowers. I can relate to their simple needs, for when given sunlight, water and good nutrition, they provide you with bright color year after year.  

My mother always called them Easter lilies. She would get so excited, “come look, the Easter lilies are in bloom!” Often wiping her hands on her apron, she would gather my sister, brother and me together and we would run around to the south side of our old farm house. There dancing in the southern breeze were our beautiful yellow and white lilies.

Suddenly, the air had a sweet clean fragrance, and the fresh damp earth produced new green grass ready to be picked to be piled high in our Easter baskets (which were shoe boxes!). This season included yellow baby chicks kept in the old hen house, new Easter outfits and sunrise service on Easter morning.  

A season of promise, new beginnings and new life.

This simple act of a mother enjoying first spring flowers with her children have planted seeds in all of our lives. Even today this annual event proclaims that spring has arrived.    

Today I went outside to take a picture of my daffodils for this post and was a bit dismayed, as they were past picture taking..then I saw my tulips and thought, this is a new season, new beginnings and time for new memories.

I am amazed at Gods resurrection power not only of human lives, but of nature as well. Bless you all in this new season.


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