The gift of an ordinary day

Times I cherish most are the simple ordinary days, everyday pleasures that sometimes I can take for granted. I have found that in times of “identity crisis” when outside pressures bring thoughts of what should I do and be, what will my life be remembered for and I need to make some decisions now..right now or it will be a forever missed opportunity…

It is in these times I know to draw aside, still my anxious heart and in quietness and confidence God brings me strength to be who I am and who he created me to be.

I know there are days when my thoughts are as scattered as buckshot and I am feeling unaccomplished [if there is such a word and there is because I just checked my Webster’s.]

It is always to the simple things I return and find deep peace, the kind of peace that passes all human understanding.

The early morning rays of sunlight spilling across my front wildflowers springing up I haven’t noticed first cup of hot coffee, the sound of my husbands voice as he comes home.

These are but a few of the experiences  of an ordinary day not to be taken for granted but , to be treasured for the gift it is..

Bless all of you..


10 thoughts on “The gift of an ordinary day

  1. Mike Chenevey

    Thanks for this post, Connie. I think we all have these thoughts. I recall the psalmist speaking of our lives and likening them to the flowers of the field, which are there one day, then gone the next, and their places know them no more. Yet, as we live and breathe, if we are intentionally doing what we believe the Lord wants us to do, we should be satisfied with that! We can fulfill our purpose just be doing what He wants us to do, no matter how small it may seem.

    By the way, your life has been anything but “ordinary.” You are a blessing to me for sure, always! And even though we don’t see each other often, you and Pete are always in my heart. Love you, Mike.

  2. Jean

    Great reading Connie…..ordinary days are nice to have, peaceful, no major stress, or demands. Especially after times of great challenge an ordinary day is a gift from God.

  3. Connie, your words are so true. When you’re young you think you need lots of excitment and stimulation. The older I get I love those ordinary days. No mail, no phone calls, just nature, peace and quiet.

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