To Mom, with Love

Mom was a storyteller. Her stories and memories are a part of me, as I have heard her tell them over and over. Mom was born on a farm in Missouri, on a hot august day, the youngest of seven children. Her carefree childhood summers were spent riding her horse[named Billy] tying him to an apple tree in the orchard and climbing up on a limb, where she would read her favorite books, “Girl of the Limberlost” and “The Secret Garden” amongst others. Making mud pies under the grape arbor, swimming in the creek and tending to her calf  “Kayo”, her mischievous grin, brown bobbed hair never still for long except to read and sew. She made her first dress at 8 years old.

Then came college days at Bolivar and CMSTC, bringing art classes,home economics, swim performances, homesickness, rooming with her sister and good grades. Graduation Day came..she would finally be a teacher.

I loved the stories of moms childhood and college years, of who she was before she was our mom and grandma. Sometimes we make the mistake of always seeing our mothers as just that, our mothers and not realizing who they were or are beyond that image to us.

The next chapter of her life she met “the most handsome guy” fell in love and that’s when the rest of us came into the picture…two daughters, a son,a daughter-in-law, two son-in-laws,[ that were like her own] nine grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. Teaching school for twenty-nine years and teaching us for our lifetimes, as her stories and memories are apart of us all..its who we are. Mom will spend her 2nd Mothers Day in heavenly places with the Lord she loved and those she loved. I will miss her all the days of my life, she was and still is our precious mom, leaving an indelible mark on all of our lives. We  love you mom…


6 thoughts on “To Mom, with Love

  1. Jean

    That is a great story about your Mom. I know she’d he happy to know you wrote for Mothers day.

    I loved the pictures too, since I didn’t know her in her younger days.

  2. WOW, grandma, amazingly written! Made me cry before I got to the end! THANK YOU for writing so beautifully about your mom and my great-grandmother! THE BEST great-grandmother in the whole wide world!!! I love, honor, respect and miss her greatly! Granny still lives in each of us today… may her legacy live on even through the generations I will birth. 😉 Amen and Amen! Thank You, Jesus!

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