Women In Season

My East Garden

“For everything there is a season” Ecc. 3-1

Six weeks ago this garden was covered in snow with no signs of life. It was a different season. Although it looked barren, growth was taking place, it was just not visible. I love this season of unfolding  beauty and birthing new life. My photography doesn’t  show just how pretty this really is but you can get the idea..
Last week a “out of town” friend came to visit. One of my daughters and granddaughter were here as well. It wasn’t long before chatter, laughter and a catching up took place around the table.
Each of us there that evening have had our” barren snow covered seasons” [with no signs of life except for our breath]….but that’s what it was a season..and it passes..
Later my husband said “if I would talk as much and as long as you women, I would have to be carried out on a stretcher’……to funny..
I have been reading a book “You are Captivating” by Stasi Eldredge [a small companion book to her best seller “Captivating”.
She comments on seasons of women…..
“All women are called to give birth to all kinds of things…to ideas, books, ministries, movements, creative expressions..we birth life in others by inviting them to a deeper walk with God…A women is not less of a woman because she is not a wife nor has physically borne a child…the heart of a woman is much more vast than that..”
I loved these comments, because it challenged some thinking that was pretty concrete in my mind. I remember  the words of a mentor friend to me once “Connie, you are more than a mother”..now anyone who knows me knows how much I  value motherhood but, I was more I just hadn’t realized it.
But as women we have areas I believe God wants to bring a new birth.
What is it for you He’s wanting to do?
I believe there is a “garden” ready to birth in each of us…
Think about it…talk about it….let it happen..
Blessings, Connie
p.s. let me hear from you..it encourages all of us..stirs hope!

8 thoughts on “Women In Season

  1. Jean Jones

    Beautiful garden, Connie, and beautiful article on seasons and coming to life. luv you. Let me know when you are coming to the area.

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