A Daughter Remembers

I will always remember you…


In the face of adversity,

humility, courage and faith.

A defender of your own.

Compassion for the poor,

impatient with arrogance.

A lover of simple things,

simple people, food,

a simple way of life.

Lover of nature..

towering pines and the winds that whisper

through them, the hills that hold them.

A heavenly south breeze..

you would comment, ahhhh.

The smell of strong coffee,

the crunch of peanut brittle,

a good steak and buying

a variety of nuts at

Christmas time.

Lover of action, cars

and races.

Love you gave, a legacy

you left forever.


Eighteen years

since I’ve seen

your face.

You’ve left an

empty place.

July 4th,

in the afternoon..

you bid us goodbye,

forever closing your earthly


Your spirit soared

to heavenly places and

it was difficult for me to stay


For a moment

I felt abandoned

as a fatherless


But freedom day

it was, and

celebration was

not to be stifled.

Your suffering had


What a bittersweet release-

A life born anew, twice.

Remembering you Dad.



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