The Sea

Cash building sand castles


“This great and wide sea, Lord, how manifold are Your work’s. Ps.104-24,25.        

I recently returned from a vacation with my family, where we spent a week at Myrtle Beach, S.C.        

All winter long I envisioned walking the beach gathering seashells, building  sand castles with my grandchildren and seeing their faces when they first saw the ocean. A time to connect and enjoy family….          

When did I become so fascinated and drawn to the sea?  I grew up near a little midwestern Missouri town on a small farm surrounded by cornfields and the only body of water was a pond behind the barn. A poem my mom penned in college titled “Down to the Sea” hung on our dining room wall.        

 The irony of it all, I don’t like my face in the water and never learned to swim beyond a few strokes.        

When I was nineteen I saw the Pacific ocean for the first time and it was so much bigger than the pond at home.        

Since then I have been to and flown over the ocean a few times. My response is always the same, amazed, overwhelmed by the smell of the salt air, sound of waves crashing to the shore and the vast endless spans of water. It is breathtakingly beautiful and powerful.        

Each morning the marks of yesterdays activities on the beach  are completely swept clean by the tides…. I am reminded of “His mercies that are new every morning”.        

The seashells we gathered are displayed on my kitchen counter…sprinkles of sand still in the suitcases and memories vivid.        

I agree with Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s quote from her classic book “Gift from the Sea”…         

 “The waves echo behind me. Patience-Faith-Openness, is what the sea has to teach….Simplicity…Solitude….But there are other beaches to explore. There are more shells to find. This is only the beginning…” be it...


3 thoughts on “The Sea

  1. I am proud and honored to have been with my grandma at the ocean! My heart also yearns to be put at peace with the salt and sound of the waves! Indeed… this is just the beginning! Hallelujah! 🙂

    I love what you said, Gma, “Each morning the marks of yesterdays activities on the beach are completely swept clean by the tides…. I am reminded of “His mercies that are new every morning”.” WOW! 🙂

  2. Jean

    Hi Connie,

    Isn’t it so amazing just looking out at all the water, the power, kids in the sand, the brave ones who go in even when the waters cold, the waves, a surfer. It is such an awesome place, so relaxing, so breathtaking, take in the warmth of the sun, dig your feet in the sand.

    I love it, yet I live so close & sometimes I get so caught up in every day chores I forget to go down & smell the salt air, the vastness of the water. I’ll just have to take more time to enjoy it.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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