“A Little Bit Better”

Colton at the beach


After a week of fighting a virus with a temperature, I can say” I am a little bit better”. 

During that time I thought of many things such as sick children in third world countries and their living conditions. My niece who just came back from India  and her experience of being so sick for several weeks in a strange country far from home. 

But my  foremost thought  beside being healed…. was my grandson Colton who was diagnosed with leukemia at age three. After his radiation he had three years of chemotherapy. Anytime you would ask Colton how he was feeling, he would say “a little bit better”, so that became a familiar family comment. 

I would like to share a poem I wrote for him during this time…. 

“A little bit better” you’d say, 

when asked how you were feeling. 

Chemo had stolen 

your thick curly black hair. 

Summer came and the sun 

was your enemy. 

Children ran barefoot 

and splashed at the pool. 

Your radiation mask 

looked so small. 

How are you?  Always 

“a little bit better’. 

Now that was last year 

and this is today. 

Thick, curly black hair, 

spicy buffalo wings. 

A boy to soon be five 

and always… 

“a little bit better” 

My hero… 

Today Colton is a healthy fun loving  twelve year old.  His life of which we are so thankful for is one of Gods miracles. Thank you Lord..


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