Summer Memories

Simple summer memories..

I remember summer evenings as a child, mom would make a bed [we called it a pallet] under the trees out in the yard. We would lay back and look at the stars.. the milky way and the big dipper were our favorites. Eventually falling asleep til dawn with no fear for our safety, although we lived  in Kansas City.

Summer memories with my own children when the biggest accomplishment ever was to buy five new swim suits, flip flops ….make sure everyone had a presentable towel and pay for the pool pass.. library cards up to date, as it seemed something was always overdue.

Something so sweet about early summer mornings ..peeking in at tousled heads…sleeping in.

Teen years and summer nights…praying for their safety as they left the house…who can think about the stars?  The only stars I saw then was the twinkle in  their eyes as they promised to be careful and home at a decent hour..

Now, hot steamy summer days and nights in the country , where the wildflowers are more abundant than anything I can buy at the nursery. The stars more bright than I ever remember and the fireflies so thick you almost need sunglasses…[kidding of course]

Most afternoons are spent at Lake Paradise[ only four minutes from my home] watching grandchildren swim, relaxing and so thankful for this little bit of wonder..

Summer memories..I think it could be my best season of all..


4 thoughts on “Summer Memories

  1. LOVE THIS, grandma! what rich heritage! 🙂 we should make a pallet in the meadow and sleep one night. I think we’d have to take a bath in bug spray first though! haha

    love you!
    -your first granddaughter

  2. Jean Jones

    Hi Connie, I’m just catching up on about 5 of your “Table Memories” and I love to read your stories and poems. I especially liked your tributes to your mom and dad. Blessings dear lady. Miss all of you. love, jean

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