“Let’s go to the Fair”

Actually the sunflower has nothing to do with my story and yet it does as it just bloomed in my garden this week and I wanted you to see it!

Now back to the Missouri State Fair…I just returned from spending the day there today. It was just my husband and I, usually there is a  group of us, spending much time just deciding what direction we are going or where to meetup. Today we were amazed how quickly we saw everything we wanted to see. This was a good thing but, we later decided, we missed our group…tradition,  you know.

My roots go deep in Fair history, My mom spent her first birthday there and remembers that was what her family did every year after..celebrate her birthday at the fair. In fact today is her birthday, so it only seemed fitting to attend the fair. [miss you mom] She won a blue ribbon when she was eight for her calf Kayo.  My grandmother won a blue ribbon for her sugar cookies and my grandfather entered his calves as well.

My brother, sister and I all worked at the fair as teenagers in the restaurants and I was the only one who was let go from my position of waiting tables. So many things on my mind rather than who ordered what and they needed silverware, too?

For years it was family tradition to go to the nursing home ,bring a big picnic lunch, celebrate mom’s birthday and then all go to the fair.

Today as always, Pete and I  look at the baked goods that have won ribbons and say “next year we are going to enter some items”…we could take home a blue ribbon!

I could keep writing but it’s enough now…

Corn dogs, pineapple whip, rib eye from the Beef  House..the lily pond to rest,  Otto the talking car,  art building…Midway? not so much anymore..unless grandkids are there..

Enough for now!!  Go to the Fair!


One thought on ““Let’s go to the Fair”

  1. Jean

    We didn’t even make it this year. I also forgot the street fair, there is another on ein Nov. Sounds like you had a fun time!

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