Around the Picnic Table

How can something so simple as a tuna sandwich and a picnic table in the park become like a mini vacation and offer insight as well?

The weather this week was beautiful but warm [high 80’s] and knowing picnic season will soon be coming to a close..I got out my proverbial wicker basket and we went to a nearby park [well, maybe not so near but close.]

The  swimming pool near our shelter was closed for the season, but gave the feeling on this hot day that at any moment it could welcome a hoard of people seeking refreshment..the water lapping against the poolside.

Some younger children playing on the swing sets  dressed in summer shorts, tee’s and sandals..

I thought to myself..I could be in denial and pretend we are in the middle of summer as the sun blazed on my back. Yet, the leaves on a branch had already turned golden with a hint of change to come.

Summer and Fall seemed to be arm wrestling..Summer still wanting to play;  being stubborn and resistant to Fall’s promised visit….   Soon Summer will bow down to Autumn….This victorious win will be seen in the blaze of colors red, orange, golds and russet…this change bringing it’s  beauty of harvest.

Later a touch of frost will only deepen the colors bringing even more beauty and depth.

It’s best to recognize the season you’re in..release  the old..for change is inevitable..

Embrace this new season with welcome..

You’re best days are just ahead..

“Wisdom and might are His…And He changes the times and the seasons”  He makes all things beautiful in His time”

Dan.2-21  Ec.3-11


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