In the whirlwind

God displays His power in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet.  [Nahum-1-3]

Life has been like a whirlwind the past several months. It  reminds me of taking a walk on our gravel country roads, [in fact this happened to me last week.]

You start out to take a good walk and all’s clear, you are enjoying the countryside and looking out across the fields, when a big truck, who doesn’t remember country road manners roars by and you are covered in dust and trying to breathe, let alone see. So you stop, wave at the air wildly or try to get up on higher ground [the embankment] really all you can do is wait a bit, for the windstorm to pass.

Now the ground lies frozen under a thin icing of white,  the air takes your breath by quick surprise. You are reminded how quickly the clock moves from yesterday to today.

I celebrated a milestone birthday with a bit more celebration than the usual  and left shortly after on a vacation we had planned for some time to the New England states. Funny things happen on vacation and really you get to see things about yourself  you normally don’t know.  Just being in an unfamiliar car, on roads you’ve not traveled can be an adventure or make you long for what you know and is recognized….

I experienced both…

Now…I look out at the night sky and see the winter starlight..a star studded  vast black sky….and realize now in this Christmas season a sense of wonder. I realize how I like to process each event and happening…but the night winter sky reminds me to keep a child-like awe and  cease trying to always have adult understanding.

To remember God displays His power in our whirlwinds and storms and offers peace to our hearts and a spirit at rest.

As author Gladys Taber quotes ” Life is not, for most of us a pageant of splendor but made up of many small things, rather like a old-fashioned quilt. No two people have the same, but we all have our own”, and that is enough.

Yes, it is enough…

Bless you all.


2 thoughts on “In the whirlwind

  1. Jean

    I’ve been in whirlwinds & I’m ready for some calm & peace. Being caught up on all my paperwork & medicare crap & I do mean crap, should help me leave more space for inspiration.

    Thanks, Connie

  2. Mike chenevey

    Aunt Connie, thank you, as usual. I do love you. Peace – I think many times peace comes at a cost. Can we truly cooperate with the Lord and do what He asks of us? With that vigilance comes the peace that passes all understanding. We can’t sit by and expect peace to just come. Our own actions make a difference – thought and deed.

    Love, Mike

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