Is there a mama in the house?

A bitter cold winter  day just before the New Year  gave birth, a group  of us gathered to say  farewell  to a beloved friend. The fond memories and how her life made an  impact on all who were present were many. We often called her “Mama Ro”. We were a young church when she joined  us and she became “our mama in the house’.

A torrent rush of thoughts filled my mind ….all the ways she knowingly and unknowingly touched my life and each member of our family.  Her loving input and lifetime imprints so visible.

I began reflecting  on others who left their stamp on my ‘molding and shaping,” and the seeds they planted. Some so casual and gradual I didn’t  realize nor did they, their actions were life changing.

Actually I felt “undone” when I considered my own life and thought  of my imprints left on the “moldings and shaping” of those my path has crossed. I pray for God’s grace to cover areas where I had lack. His love to make the difference.

One of Webster’s definitions for mother is ” a woman in a position of authority like that of a mother”.  I define that as a mama in the house. Our own house still stings strong  from the loss of our mama.. ….her memory powerful.

One of the first to leave an imprint on my life was my high school music teacher. During the school year she was in an accident and lost her leg. She eventually came to school with a prosthesis [artificial leg].

That spring leading our  band in a practise march through our small town, she fell. We all stood stunned not sure what to do, while she held her hand out to signal…she was alright and had to get up by herself, a part of her overcoming. We stood by as she struggled and eventually stood strong upright and continued to lead us in our march.

My sixteen year old mind couldn’t grasp what just happened.  But today I can say that lesson in courage was powerful and impacts me to this day. I saw her years later and was able to tell her so, while she told me she just returned from skiing.  She was a true mama in our house…

For now I must close…but who has made a lifetime impact on you a nd did they realize it?  Have you taken time to reflect….it’s a powerful thing to do…..a lesson in gratitude.

Till next time..


4 thoughts on “Is there a mama in the house?

  1. Jean

    I give thanks to you Connie for our deep friendship through the years. Through tribulations my love for for you was always there. I could think of so much to say but since I’ve had the strokeI can’t remember the same, (Ha), excuse. I do remember when you became a Christian, the hot sauce trick, halloween, oh the conference, the bible studies, and for just being there.
    You are like a precious jewel to me. Ok, I’ll stop I don’t want to make you sob!!!!

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