“There is a mama in the house”

Since the beginning of this fresh New Year I have thought about the women who have left a carving impact on my life as their lives brought shape to mine.  They have come to mind and memory as chapters  in a book .

The mama’s in the house….[I wrote about last time]…women who were in a position or authority like that of a mother in our lives.

I have always thought the older women in my life, those who traveled ahead of me in their journey had things to teach me, I was to learn from their examples…I just didn’t realize how much I would learn…

I am understanding these relationships in a deeper way….and for that words seem to fail, but thankful would be one.

One of those chapters…..

As a single mom with two little girls, I was looking for a place to rent closer to work and school. A large two-story home on a corner lot had  apartment for rent sign out.  The three of us stood on the front porch after ringing the doorbell and I wondered hard who would answer. The door opened and a lady introduced herself  as “Bombie”. About medium height, slender figure, dark brown hair circled her head like a halo…and brown-black eyes full of snap and compassion.

She warmly invited us in and treated us as immediate family. She introduced us to her husband setting in a chair by the window and I noticed his lap covered with a afghan and his legs missing.

In our season with “Bombie’ I watched as faith and courage were her constant companions. A lift to raise her husband to his bed in the evenings and to lift him back into his chair in the mornings, where he would play solitaire. I watched  God’s grace on her face  the day he left home for the last time.

I believe she was divinely sent to us as we were to her. She loved us as her own and evenings would find us setting in her living room talking..or just being there. Her home immaculate, beautifully decorated was never to formal for the love I felt there.

No judgment, no questions, no reprimanding for the license plate out of date on my car….nor the hot pink I painted a bedroom with out her permission, or using her phone because I didn’t have one…only a safe haven..encouragement..wise instruction….Thank you Lord…for your provision…I am grateful…

Thank you for listening…tomorrow evening I will finish this with one last story…Think about the ones the Lord has placed in your path……divinely orchestrated.

.Ask Him to bring to mind His gifts, for that is what they are His gift’s…


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