Another Chapter..

Have you ever noticed  a thread runs through on common ground, making connections one to another with the people who have brought you inspiration?

I have found the thread of faith, courage, hope and strength not of their own in those who were my influence. Life’s crushings were unable to hold them and they were transparent vessels full of God’s love….and very human, not hiding their frailties.

It must be since this thread continues, that  in my often lack of courage, and at times mustard seed size faith, as well as my own weaknesses …that God strengthens  me with their examples.

Another chapter….

I met Genevieve twenty-three years ago…a wise counselor who had a private practise in her home…her mission to provide a listening ear, bringing comfort, speaking truths and praying with her clients.

Earlier in her life she was the first one to find her husband who had taken his own life……..she was heartbroken………dedicating  her life to the Lord,  she returned to college and later taught at Missouri  University.    She has ministered to countless people,  never having children of her own but being a mother to  many.

Today, she is ninety-two and lives in a nearby retirement home, leading a prayer group on Wednesdays. She is like family……when I  visit her I  never leave without her prayers, hugs and chocolate. She will call and say “what prayer needs do you or your family have” and always asks about each one……so rich..

A bitter cold day a couple of weeks ago….she was going to go grocery shopping…when I asked if I could bring her something, she said “oh I just like to get out”…..her example of courage seems endless. She told me not long ago how sweet the Lord is to her and I am never lonely she said.

She is another chapter..

There are others I think of….and I know you have your own as well, it’s taking time to see the common thread that weaves through each one, what is it saying to you….what do their lives speak?


4 thoughts on “Another Chapter..

  1. Elizabeth Hathaway

    Once again Connie you have stirred me up – just thinking of people of courage that have impacted my life – you are one of those people!

  2. Jean Jones

    Connie, I have loved reading your stories on those whose love and courage, etc. influenced your life. Where would we be without those friends and contacts that God brought to us at just the right time? I know you have been one of those also who have influenced your daughters, family and all of us. love ya! Jean

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