Who teaches who?

Mother love transforms a woman, and forever changes the way she defines herself, never to be the same. We as mother’s are their first teachers; but I have found I have become the pupil, the student. I am sure many of you feel the same.

In lieu of Mother’s day just passing, I thought of all the tributes to moms including my own, but couldn’t shake the awe of how my daughters have shaped and molded me  in the process. It is in tribute to these five daughter’s that I have learned tremendous lessons. Was it easy? Is anything worthwhile easy? Glorious joyful times, agonizing times, learning to pray with a gut cry you didn’t knew existed. They are your heart walking out and about.

 I have to ask myself “who teaches who”

We learn by their struggles, achievements, milestones, growth pains and victories. I stand in admiration as I see strengths in each one I don’t have.

[ Mothers often think of their daughters as a reflection of herself and when their daughters make choices wholly foreign to what she, the mother would have done she doesn’t understand. Quote by Stasi Eldredge..Captivating]

 But I have learned if you  grasp  the lesson in this experience growth is without measure..we again become the student of our childs heart.

A poem I kept by Ruth Bell Graham, tells me she was a student as well..she quotes….

Five I have: each separate, distinct, a soul bound for eternity; and I blind, leader of the blind seek to discipline and shape; I who need Thy discipline to shape my own disordered soul. O Thou Who sees the hearts true, deep desire and each shortcoming and mistake, supplement and overrule.

Oh yes, A mother’s heart is a wonderful thing but in all humility it is as it is due to the stretching love gifts of her children.

So as this interchange continues..teacher and student..we grow in grace, our hearts become more of a mirror of His healing love. We seek Him more in our inadequacies and let God “mother” us, we become  the women we were meant to be….. Love dwells freely no barrier does it know.

Until next time….


5 thoughts on “Who teaches who?

  1. Beautifully written, grandma. and I can barely imagine the depths of my own heart that i will discover with my own children. Thank you for your words that are like gold. 🙂 love you. xox

  2. J..thank you, words are hardly sufficient for the depths of a mothers heart..yes, you will discover for yourself one day and it will be transforming…but I believe you already have a “mother’s heart” a heart for children..xo g-ma

  3. Jean

    So beautifully spoken Connie. I can’t believe you have a book of poems out! You are such an inspiration.
    I really missed not getting together this weekend but, with hindsight it’s be we didn”t or at least didn’t include me.Another change of meds but this and Dr. & they had a very adverse effect in me. I saw the Rheumatolologist on Thurs. After checking over $2,000 worth of blood tests he found NOTHING!!But, He put me on cymbalta which is an anti depressant that they use for neuromuscular pain. This is wah I’ve though I might have over the past 3 months. The are other meds he will need to add to the regime but, be able to ger me off the thenarcs. I jus hope I don’t end up needing to take prednisone or cortisone because of the weight gain! Pretty soon they won’t make clothes im ny size any more. I’m looking for things jut continue to just keep improving! I hope hou had agreat Mothers Day weekend!
    Love, Jesn

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