Look for daisies

“Are you of the gardening age?”

  This was a humorous question a  guest asked me at a recent birthday party we were attending. Now, what does that mean and how do I answer that, I thought? Is there an age limit to gardening?

 Even a toddler loves to pick and smell flowers. The more I thought of this “gardening age”, bits and pieces of information begin to stir and stories began to form. It does take some ” gardening” to began to learn lessons your gardens teach you [and it doesn’t have to be anything you planted.]  God’s creation has lessons to teach us if we but observe and many are gifts  without any particular lesson..just gifts to enjoy.

 The first story I thought of was…..It was a late November day and the weather was chilly and overcast and had been for a few days. It was the first year anniversary of mom’s home going and I was missing her particularly that day as I walked out to the mailbox. Passing my flower beds, there was not much to look at as the frost had taken its toll. Yet, right in the middle of the bed was one big white daisy, beads of moisture from the recent rain sprinkled over its petals. It was a beautiful flower and looked almost artificial.  I didn’t want to lose it to the coming frost so brought it in the house, where it remained fresh for a week. We were going to Ohio to see my sister, so I took it with me to show her. I have it pressed and dried as a reminder of the gift it was.

Then several weeks ago on Memorial Day week-end, Pete took flowers to mom and dads  graves. I wasn’t feeling my best and decided to stay home.[ Of course all the feelings of..I should have gone..etc etc.] So again a trip to the mailbox and coming back through the yard I saw a white daisy nestled next to the tree trunk….the wild daisies weren’t in bloom yet and neither were mine at the time. In fact there hasn’t been a wildflower bloom in my front yard since I have lived here.

And you know what? Daisies were mom’s favorite flowers.

So what am I saying?

“It’s hard for us to imagine God can surprise us. To make room for little miracles today, well, it’s not sound thinking, we think. We forget “impossible is one of God’s favorite words’. [Max Lucado]

One more story before I go…a week ago my granddaughter was in a ballet and much hard work and preparation went into this special event. I have a Iris called “Pink Lady” and this is it’s third year and it hasn’t produced much, only a couple of flowers last year..so the day before the ballet this plant produced a abundance of beautiful flowers, more than  ever  and they were breath-taking. White very thin petals with a tinge of pink..in fact they looked like tutu’s. I believe I will call them “Beth’s Lilies’s” from now on.

So “gardening age’ I believe matures as you can observe God’s little miracles all around you..to take in the essence and beauty that is yours for the taking, observing and to enjoy…..”simple blessings”…..

Enjoy your day!  watch for your own “Daisies’ to bloom in the most unusual way”……make time to receive what’s uniquely for you…



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