A few poems


Children should be in summertime,

free as a bird…

brown as a berry.

Carefree days, magical


When the stars

are bright,

fireflies dance

And the whippoorwill




How I love the waking hours

of a midsummer morning.

The dew is fresh on the carpet

of grass.

Birds singing, breeze gently blowing..

all seems clean and new as

if it prepared itself just for you.

   The world begins to waken

and life begins to stir.

Let us keep in our hearts

the early morning peace and

continuously let it occur.

           Stay with me  morning peace.



Red Tail Hawk

your cry echoes across

the sky,

as you soar on the currents

of the wind.

You circle, rising higher

and higher

eyesight O, so


Your mystical call

    brings a longing,

drawing me to rise

above the daily

mundane routine.

It’s Gods exhilarating

call to



[Poems by CP]




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