But 100 Years from Now

I have had  this familiar poem for some years now, but no matter how many times I read it, the impact is always the same. It stirs my heart, and gives me a quick perspective on life..It always challenges me to review my life and what really matters . Even though it’s been around for who knows how long, possibly there may be someone who hasn’t  read it……

But a Hundred Years from Now,

It will not matter what

kind of car I drove

or house I lived in=

or how much money is in my account..

or what my clothes looked like..

But the world may be a little better

because I was important in the life

of a child..

This short little poem, speaks to me of my legacy, posterity, and what I have deposited into their lives..it challenges me that all the things that seem earth-shaking … how I can let them shake my foundation ..so many are trivia..

It reminds me who’s the clay and whose the potter….

Some years ago I attended a centennial type celebration with mom. It was held on the grounds of the old Bothwell Lodge in Sedalia and many were dressed in “turn of the century” clothing, A woman dressed in a beautiful white dress with a high buttoned collar was setting on a blanket under an old oak tree. She began to read poetry and of course it was “But 100 Years from Now”

Last year a friend gave me an old antique post card that was 100 years old, in fact it was exactly to the date. A woman named Anna was writing to her friend Cora, and was so anxious as her husband wanted to move to Oklahoma and buy  land. As I held the card, I thought I would’ve been anxious too. Lone Jack is far enough out for me! I wondered what happened to Anna?  Again, perspective of what is important…..

It makes me want to “taste more and see that the Lord is good…to be anxious for nothing….to know that my life is not my own..savor the day..for that’s what I have..this day..to ask forgiveness for my sometimes self-sufficient attitude…

Again perspective…


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