Stay Steady

Stay steady, stay the course, finish well….

These words keep rolling around, over and over in my mind this week. I have taken each word like broken bread and examined its meaning.

Why the constant reminder? Am I veering off course or is there something coming up ahead that will cause me not to finish well? Those thoughts are unsettling and anxious..

No, the  words are a gentle but firm reminder..

The race [our life’s journey] is not to the swift, nor to the hurried striving …

When my mind becomes frenzied and my thoughts are like buckshot .. trying to do all things, be all things, accomplish more than I am called to do…

I hear again..stay steady..stay the course, finish well.

I remember when I was learning to drive and I would lurch forward, then slow down, then speed up again..Dad would say, “stay steady on the gas petal, you’ll burn up to much gas….that was an object lesson I didn’t appreciate nor realize at the time..

Stay steady…

Watching the Olympics, you see the look in their eyes.. steady, focused… on the goal… apprehension…[of course]

but they stay the course..wanting to finish well.

I remind and of myself this is not possible..but He who began a good work will complete it….and God is more than able to keep us from stumbling, slipping or falling..and to stay the course!


8 thoughts on “Stay Steady

  1. great word, grandma! i just created a photo tonight with the sarsota sunset and wrote the words “Pace Yourself” across the sky (on the photo). 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 our hearts are always together. Love u. See u soon! xoxoxoxo

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