A Pot of Gold

Did you ever think you would have a pot of gold and forget about it?

Most of us would think how absurd…NEVER..are you kidding? In fact I could use a little more gold.

I realized anew what treasure I have in His promises…..a real pot of gold..

The beginning of this year, I decided to create my own treasure.

I have several promise books full of God’s promises and these are good, [as all His word is good], but I wanted to create a personalized one for me and my family..I purchased a journal and began writing  promises that have been a source of strength, encouragement and seemed God-breathed  for the specific season I was and am in. I really don’t have English words to write how priceless this has been.

There have been times I thought “Connie, are you trying to create your own Bible??

But who would say that to me…… the one who wants me to forget there are such promises and instead focus on the hopeless negative.   There is something about a journal, markers, highlighters and your own artwork that makes this journal uniquely yours..[for you and yours] …and if art is not your thing…the promises still remain yours…

He has given us great and precious promises and God is true to His promises…His faithful promises are your armor and protection..

All His promises are yes and God is true to His promises He made to our ancestors.As I read over these promises, hope flames a bright and I remember hope..

Let me know how you create hope, what are some ways you’ve discovered?

Blessings, Connie


2nd Peter 1-4

2nd Cor.1-20,

Ro. 15-8b,

Ps 91-4b







5 thoughts on “A Pot of Gold

  1. Jean Landes

    Reading Hi words and promises fill me with faith. His words become life to me. Only thing is I am highlighting them in my Bible. I have thought of doing th journal things to always have words to speak forth in various trials. I’ll just have to do that. Our pastor siad Satan can’t stand to hear God’s word, it devours him in that situation. So I try to remember to quote His word over specific situations, so I can take his power away from him with God’s word, the one with real power forever.
    Connie, please don’t ask me to proof your new Bible or help in any way in publishing it. I aready can’t seem to find time for all the things in my day on the to do list. I’m glad I can just roll it over till the next day!

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