Read the Red

This world of  today’s technology is mind-boggling for a girl who didn’t have a television until she was in the 6th grade, nor had seen one.

Most of my growing up years we had a party line and a neighbor who consistently listened in on our conversations, when this would happen to me I would respond by saying “Nadine would you please get off the line.”  A bit rude probably, but I’m sure I  was thinking she might  tell mom my conversation.

[a party line is where three families used the same phone line and it was identified by one, two, or three rings, ours was anyway]

Prior to this, one of my  girlfriends family operated the local switchboard in our small town. This meant you had to ring central [operator] and give them the number you wanted to call and they would plug you in [and could listen if they chose to do so, of course THAT never happened.

In all of our information, high-tech and constant changing world,  is it any wonder there is a bit of confusion, as I said it becomes mind-boggling.

Some months ago I thought I just want to focus on reading the red.

 “Read the Red” the words Jesus said…

My friend Carol and I joked we were going to get tee shirts made that said ,

Read the Red!

I know we need the balance in reading all the scripture but, to take time and

Read the red….is profoundly life changing!

Recently I purchased a book I had heard of called “The Greatest Words ever spoken” by Steven K Scott…..

He has organized over 1,900 statements o f Jesus under more than 200 topics…The Red Words!

Every word Jesus ever spoke…to use as a reference book or topical study..

I don’t know about you but I want to drink deep and  it seems as if I  am ever thirsty…not wanting to stay in the dry place I have walked through..

but to come up higher..

What about you?

I would love to hear some feedback..


2 thoughts on “Read the Red

  1. Jean Landes

    Great article Connie! Sure bet you never thought you’d have to share with the story of a party line. Even when you first wrote it my mind went on to thinking you meant an in house party, jewlelry, home decorators, etc. Then I kept reading & realized what you really meant. I like the red words! Now we know how our kids must feel trying to describe computers & all the new high tech things to s. Who can even begin to imagine if they have to sare way back when computer fist cam on the market, etc……..

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