There’s alway’s room around the table

This past saturday was dark and the storm clouds rolled across the sky dumping torrents of rain.

But, the weather did not discourage a group of  friends who gathered around our old  harvest table for lunch.

Oh, but it was for so much more than “just lunch”.

One couple from California, another couple drove three hours from southern Missouri and some lived nearby. One young man from Florida arrived that I wasn’t expecting, but his mother was coming and aren’t we always invited if our moms are? I should think so, anyway…..

There is alway’s room around the table..

Thirty-six years have passed since most of us met each other and some years have passed since we all have been together.

Our coming together thirty-six years ago was connected by attending a Marriage Encounter and being part of small groups. We were young,  high on Jesus joy, and the Holy Spirit had spilled out all over us soaking our souls good.

It was a Koinonia group..…[Greek word for close fellowship]

Since, some have weathered the death of their spouses, their children, and all the  death of dreams and plans, griefs and yet joys.

The young man from Florida was here to see the California couple, as he was close to their family,  close friends with their son, who passed away some years ago. The boys would sometimes stop by our house on the way to an old fishing pond, just to say hi.  Close buddies…

Each hug Saturday said, you are valuable, you matter and are important to me. Each embrace brought a light to our eyes…a Jesus shine…

Yes, the years have left their mark, but the soul is the better for it…..

How do we know deep joy if we haven’t known deep pain?

Maybe there is another way, though I haven’t found it to be so. 

Taste and see that the Lord is good, that His mercy endures forever. His joy soaked us good on Saturday.

I thought how lightly we can take relationships sometimes, not realizing they are God’s gift to us, treasures unseen.

..Koinonia people…

We need “Jesus eyes” when we see the people in our lives,

then there will alway’s be room around the table and heart fires burning.


2 thoughts on “There’s alway’s room around the table

  1. Jean Landes

    Connie…you couldn’t have said it better than you did. It is truly amazing that with these old friendships we can get together after years & it feel just the same as it did years ago. The beauty of each individual & the joy of being around everyyone. TY Lord for making a gloomy day of rain be a day of such a blessings. It was just so wonderful seeing everything, sharing, catchng up on eachother & being surprised by Brent being there. Ok, I was caught for a change after all my practical jokes. Thanks for the top bed & breakfast & hosting such a wonderful gathering for lunch!
    Love, Jean

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