A Cousin’s Gathering

Farmers, caretakers of the land, honest hardworking people. My mom used to say of her family…they are sturdy stock.

Cousins gathered last Tuesday around a large table set with hundred year old bone china. The cups so fragile thin I hestitated to pour the hot coffee.

Nine attended that day, and as I looked around the table their faces seemed to shine, as faces do when they’ve known deep griefs and sorrows, joys,overcomings and seasons, depending on God’s grace.

No one in a hurry as they planned to spend the afternoon and “catch up”.

The oldest cousin arrived a bit late and we were hoping she hadn’t lost her way, as it was her first visit to the host and hostess home.
With a sigh of relief we saw her drive up and soon she was at the door carrying a big bowl of homemade cole slaw. She turned 88 this year and still lives alone on her family farm. I call this sturdy stock for sure.

The hostess of this gathering (Betty) has always been a hero in my eyes.
An older cousin I have long admired.
She did things in her late 70’s I probably wouldn’t have done in my whole life.

For example…

She drove her pick-up pulling a camper to Alaska and volunteered for a year at a college. Keeping us all updated with her website.

At lunch that day I watched her laugh like a young school girl at her husband. His deep blue eyes held a humorous twinkle, but full of love as he joked with her.

They are still newlyweds in my eyes as they married when she was 80, two years ago.

I thought how all of our seasons are not Harvest-time, there is plowing, planting and watering seasons.

All of our stories have lessons,and observations to teach us and those around us, like lanterns along our path casting just enough light for the next step.
for that I am thankful..

I am reminded of a Psalm 31-14-15..

“I am trusting in you Lord”
“My future is in your hands
and this brings me peace”


6 thoughts on “A Cousin’s Gathering

  1. oh my goodness, grandma, i love it! i felt like i was at the table with you all -eating slaw! and laughing with Betty. I love to hear her speak -her stories, her inquisition, her love. How fun…. xoxoox

  2. Brenda

    C….delightful writing that caused me to pause each time you mentioned the ages of your cousins… living life to its fullest…inspiring..The beauty of years. Your time together must have been fulfilling in every way. I always love the way you see the seasons of life…always. B

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